Huawei P8: Fingerprint identification is in the side of the phone!

Huawei P8: Fingerprint identification is in the side of the phone!
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Getting closer to the Huawei P8 conference on April 15th, all kinds of exposure message will be increased. So we are wondering what it looks like for real machine? And now its “ID photos”  is appeared by the official telecommunication equipment centification center MIIT!  What’s more, there was revealed an unexpected message about the fingerprint indentification of Huawei P8.

Huawei P8Huawei P8From the pictures, obviously the Huawei P8 looks very slim, but it seems not looks like  Huawei P7, but from the back design, it looks like Vivo and Oppo.There are no navigation buttons, so it will be virtual keys? Anyway P7 was designed the same.

All frame borders are with metal material, all buttons and SIM card slots are on the same side of the phone. The strange thing is that we have not seen the legendary fingerprint recognition module, because the Internet rumors fingerprinting very surprising placed on the power button, the recognition module and the power button together!huawei p8Huawei P8-2

We guess that Yu Chengdong would say “Huawei P8 is the world’s first fingerprint identification in the side of the phone!”on the conference.

About other aspects information, it will use 5.2-inch,1080P screen, a little bit larger than P7. With 3GB and 32GB of memory to run the storage capacity of the fuselage, running on Android 5.0 system. Equipped with Kirin 930 processor, 13 million pixel camera.

Huawei P8 release time will be on April 15, it is expected to be officially launched in London, the initial guess price is 2999RMB(485$). However, we do not know how it will be for real phone? Let’s wait and see!