Siswoo Longbow C55: 64bit, massive battery 4200mAh!

Siswoo Longbow C55: 64bit, massive battery 4200mAh!
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The Chinese market, always very dynamic, is characterized by the presence of a multitude of mid-sized companies ranging from fame and decline. The competition with the giants of the industry is almost impossible for these companies to survive, often focus on devices characteristics uncommon. The next Siswoo Longbow C55, for example, alongside a battery of exceptional size with a nice design professional.

Siswoo longbow c55

The aesthetics based on metal and glass body (type of Gorilla Glass) is actually not uncommon, but it is often associated with terminal light, thin and lack of autonomy. The SoC 64-bit (probably Mediatek) selected from the young Chinese manufacturer for this new device, on the other hand, will be powered by a battery of 4200 mAh which will have no problems, according to the company, to give up to 200 hours of autonomy .

Siswoo longbow c55-2

Unfortunately, details about the future Siswoo Longbow C55 are still few and uncertain, and in fact we only indicate the presence of 2 GB of RAM, Android version 5.1 Lollipop and support dual sim. This terminal, however, will probably arrive on the market during the next month with features not too different from those of his younger brother Siswoo C50 Longbow.

Siswoo longbow c55-3

Well, the price of Siswoo longbow C55 is not available and the exact release date is not fixed yet, but let’s keep you posted once got the further information.