Another function of the UMI Touch front ID scanner


How fast you could imagine to “touch” to tech world? UMI response the high ranking of  TOUCH. Literally speaking,it is as fast as 0.1s. Usually we think the function is just for the unlocking. However,UMI Touch’s Touch ID is quite different. We saw a video on YouTube that it performs very well. You may only know the phone is unlocked by using your thumb. But Touch is enabling us to use all fingers from thumb to little finger.


According to the report,UMI Touch gain popularity because of some additional functions available. Fingerprint scanners are more or less a recent standard for the proper midrange and even some budget smartphones, so that is what makes Touch scanner stand out. Actually,we would like to have the most powerful functions. It’s clear that UMI can meet our requirements.

In addition,the company really tried to explain the argument about the frequent “care” even for the older models and thus frequent updates for all the possible issues. Some customers are not familiar with these new functions,so we have to tell them earlier. I believe UMI Touch will be one of the best phones. If you feel it’s good for you,just do what you want now. What’s more,you can enjoy the video also about how the UMI Touch  front ID scanner performs. That will inspire you to get one without any hesitation.

Of course,it is really a budget phone with good price and high performance. Few people deem it’s not affordable.To our satisfaction,it comes in a big screen and high battery capacity. It is said that the model is on sale currently. Let’s move forward and have a look. There must be a great surprise waiting for us!



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