Cube iWork 12:the largest tablet in China to have Intel inside


Cube are famous tablet brand in China. People say they have made progress since the birth. Yes, it is obvious that Cube deserve your compliments. If you never use the products,it’s really worth a try.

Cube iWork 12 is equipped with 12.2” screen, Intel Cherry Trail, 4GB RAM. And you would like to know more details?

China’s tablet industry seems to have rediscovered itself in a way. After a dry season, tablet makers are back with full force.

Cube is a name that pops up every now and then. In fact, the company was really popular among not only its buyers in China, but also international buyers in around 2012. Anyway, there’s a new tablet from Cube that we thought you might be interested in.

It’s known as the Cube iWork 12, and as the name states, it expands the iWork line which already has a few tablets under it.


The device has a rather large 12.2-inch display with a 1920 x 1200 resolution, and is powered by an Intel Cherry Trail SoC (Z8300) along with 4GB RAM and 64GB on-board storage.

Other specifications of the tablet include a 9000mAh battery, 2 mega-pixel front facing camera, 5 mega-pixel rear camera. Interface includes a 3.5mm headset slot, micro HDMI port, micro USB port, and a microSD card slot.

At $357, the iWork 12 is among the pricier tablets from China. Worth noting is that it runs both, Android (5.1) and Windows (10).

As what you can see above, it should be a powerful tablet. Most people are willing to test or possess one. What about you? Are you heart-beating now? Then how much is it for each piece? If you are ready for it,why not follow us at phonedroid? As we know, Cube are very popular and gained best selling results. Therefore, I believe this new model will also be a big success. Let’s make a bet! How do you like?

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