Elephone Halo : A new smartphone with unique design


Elephone HaloElephone is about to launch a new model, but at the moment, most of the specifications are unknown about this new smartphone, but it is particularly original, it should be called the Elephone Halo.

Ideal speculation

For this moment, very little information is available on this new model Elephone Halo. And even its configuration, we still do not know much about it.  But one we can expect is that hope it will be with a 64 Bits,MT6732 or MT6752 processor. Current rumors saying that it will be  launched  in April, however, it seems that something rather unlikely to be given the hectic schedule of the Chinese manufacturers.

Unique design

As we can see the picture design of the Elephone Halo is very interesting, especially from the back cover which shows a multicoloured panel. At the sight of this design, we hope that the LEDs can interact with the music when you are listening, for example, or a host of other users. It remains to see machine price, the price of this rather special smartphone. The Elephone Halo is certainly a novel idea, but is it one that you are interested in among the Android smartphone?

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