Elephone P9000 enables you to change system fonts


It seems we are not satisfied with the original fonts of a cellphone. Most of us tend to have special and personalized fonts. In that case,the cellphone can look more charming. In addition, it also makes our feeling better. But we know some phones do not support that kind of function. It’s really a nuisance. Today I would like to tell you that Elephone P9000 can allow you to change system fonts.


Isn’t it worth a smile? If you are a fan of this model, you must be very excited now.

We all know that AOSP/stock Android doesn’t offer the ability to change system fonts, which is a bit of a shame. Thankfully though, the OS is hackable enough so OEMs can add the ability for us.

Despite that, not a lot of phones come with the feature. The ability to change fonts doesn’t usually make or break the deal, but its a nifty feature to have.

Elephone have just announced that the P9000 will soon have the feature. An future OTA (expected to go live sometime around the middle of April) will bring font changing to the Elephone P9000.

In case you’re a P9000 owner and don’t want to waste time figuring out how to change fonts once the OTA is out, Elephone have put together a video depicting how you can change fonts on the phone.

You can also read more details on phonedroid. We hope Elephone can have more advanced changes. Then we will choose it as our loved smartphone. The above picture is right Elephone P9000,don’t you think it is so cool? If it is to be added a new feature, its owner must be very thankful for Elephone. I believe there are many kinds of fonts for us to choose from. Do not worry about how to change it to a font you like the most.

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