Homtom HT10 upgrades camera specs to 21 Mpix/8 Mpix


It seems everyone is concerned about a phone’s camera pixes. Let’s see Homtom HT10 upgrades camera specs to 21 Mpix/8 Mpix. It sounds not bad,right? Homtom has just released another piece of specs description for their upcoming flagship model Homtom HT10 and this time it’s the cameras. Details are pretty vague, but still worth sharing at least the the plain general announcement.

Apparently the HT10 model is going to flash some serious megapixels with 21 Mpix rear camera 8 Mpix selfie front one. Sadly not a word about the actual used camera hardware so we can only speculate, personally im leaning towards the rear one being Sony IMX230.

Of course the megapixels are not the only important thing and the smaller Chinese brands are often suffering with poor software optimizations so lets’s hope that’s not going to be the case with this Homtom. No real photo samples available yet the one relased promo shot (see above) is inconclusive.


Overall, there are many people supporting Homtom this brand. If you also focus on other famous brands,you will not miss the latest news on phonedroid. There you can see popular brands like Meizu,Xiaomi and Elephone. As we know, price decides whether you will head for the site or not. Most of us hope that each phone is equipped with high performance,high pixels and low price.

Girls are fond of taking photos by using their lovely smartphone when they are together with friends. At this point, their happy moments will be recorded. Later they will share them with people around them.

As we know,we use the front camera a lot to create many selfie. But usually the front camera is lower than the rear one. Even so, we tend to make full use of the front one very well. It’s really cool experience. Why not get one now?

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