Kingzone K2: The “mystery” new device of Kingzone is in works


According to the Kingzone official website, it is saying that a “mystery” new phone will be named Kingzone K2 is under working.

At the moment, we only can learn a little from the current exposure inforamtion, Kingzone K2 phone will be with 5.0Lollipop system, 5-inch screen in Japan JDI screen display with a resolution of 1920×1080, equipped with eight-core processor clocked at 1.7GHz, 3GB RAM + 16GB body memory, battery capacity up to 3100mAh. In addition, the device’s camera was 8.0 MP+1300 megapixels combination, from the front of a data point of view, this new smartphone would not be simple.

Kingzone k2
Looking at the information in the post and taking a glimpse at current Chinese flagship phones we can guess the Kingzone K2 might feature with the following specifications:

flexible display
eye identification
super slim metal body
voice control
fingerprint sensor

2.5D display
Bluetooth 4.0
Retina ID running from the front camera
Lollipop (for the retina recognition updates)
Metal body
Touch ID style fingerprint sensor

In addtion, Kingzone stated that their company are getting bigger and they have high expectations. The Kingzone K2 should be announced fairly soon.