Meizu Pro 6 leaks in full glory


Today here is a piece of news about Meizu Pro 6. Are you excited to know about more details of it? It is commonly thought that Meizu have made the breakthrough in the brand. It’s a powerful and perfect phone brand. Most people like using Meizu. There is also no denying that Meizu cellphones are of high quality and performance with affordable prices.

Meizu Pro 5 was regarded as one of the most powerful devices in the market during its launch. While that might still hold true, the company is already prepping itself for a successor to the Pro 5.


All of us may know Pro 5 is already a success. Now we are going to greet its successor. The Pro 6, as we come to know of it, will launch in the coming weeks. The phone’s claim to fame were Li Nan’s comments about the Pro 6 being the actual device behind the iPhone 7 leaks. Not much as changed since, especially with the phone’s design. The single antenna stripe on the bottom of the phone seems to be a hit among users of the interwebs already.

It is true that everyone of us is fond of special designs,which can bring us good feelings. The Pro 6 is going to be quite an interesting phone. Not just because of the kind of controversy it has created already, but also for what it’ll have under the hood. What we know so far is that the Pro 6 will be the first and for a while, the only phone to use the MediaTek Helio X25.



Other than that, Meizu’s love for AMOLED displays will be apparent on the Pro 6, with a 1080p display. The company’s experiment with the Pro 4’s 2K display doesn’t seem to have paid off too well, one would imagine.

Anyway, we’d be interested to know what you think of these leaked pictures of the phone. Do not hesitate to make a comment. Thanks

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