Nubia Z11 first leaked: Snapdragon 820 + double curved screen!


With 2016 approaching, Snapdragon 820 processor coming soon, while the Chinese flagship mobile phone will in a core with Snapdragon 820. Followed by boast more than a year of Xiaomi mi5 represented, Nubia new flagship Z11 renderings also exposed in the Z9’s innovative ideas further, the use of double curved screen.


Some netizens exposure Nubian latest flagship renderings, sources said the figure is Nubia Z11. In the fuselage, Z11 is still simple, front camera, sensor and earpiece columns side by side, small round circle classic remains the Home key.


Design, nubia Z11 phone using a dual curve and all-metal body, as a way to extend the depth of Z9 without borders, but does not seem to display the contents of the screen on the arc, approach is somewhat similar, although not keep up with Samsung S6 Edge hyperbolic display, but also significantly associated with domestic other flagship opened the gap, which is worthy of recognition.

In the back, nubia Z11 uses a complete one-piece metal body design (compared to the existing three-and nano-injection is very advanced, but the realization of the difficulty is not small), with a classic red and black Nubian main camera and astigmatism lights, fingerprint recognition module in the back.


Configuration, the sources said Nubia Z11 will be the first batch of Snapdragon 820 process models, 2K 5.2-inch screen, 4GB RAM, 21 million optical image stabilization camera, Android6.0 system.

Compare with Xiaomi Mi5 same period, although the configuration of the gap between the two is not very clear, but nubia Z11 double curved screen applications will be another technical leader in the design of the manufacturer’s product abuse while also foreseeable.

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