OPPO: R series New model image revealed: 2.5D glass panel


As it’s reported from the news, OPPO will launch a new model for their OPPO R series in the near future , but what it will look like for the upcoming model? Here exclusive access to the real phone images,  it shows the aircraft will be equipped with 2.5D glass panel dual front and back.

QQ截图20150401180949 QQ截图20150401181003

From point of view for the above pictures, this OPPO R series new model has similar appearance with the previous OPPO R1C.  The same super-slim design, and metal materials borders. It will also feature with 5-inch screen, but the resolution will be up to 1080p level, while the main camera for 13 million pixels.

Generally speaking, the new OPPO R-series phones are still mainly design for appearance, add with the 2.5D glass panel on front and back , so it will be improved for the hand feeling. However, the hardware configuration may not be the flagship machine level. Because we can’t see more detailed information about this new model at the moment,  just from the images, we can’t judge by anything.  But yes, for its design, it’s much better compare to the previous models.  How do  you think about it from the images? If it can be equipped with high performance or not? Let’s keep you posted.

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