Ulefone Future:side fingerprint scanner

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Do you like the fingerprint scanner at side of the phone? Now we would like to introduce a new model to you whose fingerprint scanner is at right side. As we know, it is very hot sale. More and more fans want to have one.

Don’t worry. You can also buy one soon outside China. No need to despair,because we are preparing for the selling. Let’s see the advantage of the kind of fingerprint scanner. You can take a closer look at the Ulefone Future side fingerprint scanner. It’s located on the right edge of the phone, capable of registering 5 fingerprints and thanks to the location it’s pretty easy to use both while holding the phone or having it on the table.

ulefone future

It’s also pretty refreshing that Ulefone is openly admitting the fingerprint scanner isn’t among the fastest ones due to limited sensor space used. So it needs a bit more time to recognize the fingerprint, but on the other hand the company claims it’s pretty sensitive and reliable.

Anyway, we believe Ulefone Future will be outstanding and interesting. Each time you know about a new model,what you really are concerned about its final price,right? Why not come to phonedroid to get the latest news? The product will be available soon as well there. And you can’t miss many other brands like UMI and Xiaomi. Meanwhile, there are a lot of surprises waiting for you. Are you still hesitating? If you want to buy your mom a gift,it will be good choice. Thank you.

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