Ulefone Future will come in a Helio X20, 2K, 20MP variant


It is reported that Ulefone Future will come in a Helio X20, 2K, 20MP variant. Wow, it’s perfect,right? Girls feel like taking beautiful photos. If Ulefone Future has 20MP, it really benefits us a lot. Needless to say, it must be extremely cool for those girls.

Ulefone will launch a more advanced version of their upcoming Ulefone Future bezel-less phone with 4GB RAM, 128GB memory and powerful Helio X20 chipset.

Look! It’s a powerful smartphone,isn’t it? With such a large memory, it is surely drawing many people’s attention. Do you want to be an owner of Ulefone Future?

At MWC we got to go hands on with the Ulefone Future, and at the time only the Helio P10 powered phone was in the works with 4GB RAM (samples had only 3GB) and a FHD 1920 x 1080 bezel-less screen.


However with the release of the Mediatek Helio X20, Ulefone have announced that they also plan to launch a more powerful, upmarket version of the Future phone using the 10 core, tri cluster chip.

Wow,that’s amazing! We never dream that it will come in 10 core. But it will become a fact rather than a dream. We have been expecting a more powerful smartphone.

The more powerful processor is only part of the picture though, as the X20 version of the phone will also receive 128GB internal memory as standard and a higher resolution 2K display, and a 20 mega-pixel rear camera.

No word when this version of the phone will launch, but the Helio P10 model with 1080 screen and 16 mega-pixel rear camera will go on sale in April and we hope to be the first to review it.

Do you want to know how much it will be? You can’t miss the best price on phonedroid. In addition, we are happy to share more news with you in the future.

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