UMi Touch with promising battery performance


There is no denying that a cellphone that has very good battery performance is expected by every user. It becomes more convenient if we take a cellphone equipped with large battery capacity. Is that true? We are afraid that our smartphone’s battery is flat when partying outside with our friends.

Umi Touch can help make this dream come true. Do you know how it works? UMi are giving out results of a battery test that they have recently performed on the UMi Touch and the results seems pretty good.


Before we even begin, these results should be taken with a pinch of salt as the tests were carried out by UMi themselves, but hopefully they give an accurate indication of what the UMi Touch’s battery if is like.

According to UMi the UMi Touch will have a 4000mAh battery, which is on par with the battery size found in the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, and through the companies own testing the battery managed to drop just %55 in 5 hours of heavy use and 10 hours of standby.


The test was split in to the following:


30min web browsing = 4%

30min video streaming = 5%

1 hours music = 8%

1 hour gaming = 10%

30 min reading = 4%

1 hour video call = 3%

30 min photos and video = 10%

30 min cell calls = 8%

10 hours standby = 3%



By UMi’s own admission some of the results aren’t as good as they hoped, but still with these results a user should be able to expect at least 2 days of continued use from the UMi Touch on a single charge.

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