Xiaomi Pink Mi Note: “NSSJ”means a female-oriented new smartphone!


According to the News reported this afternoon, Xiaomi were being held a communication conference for Xiaomi 5years anniversary. On the meeting, the Xiaomi Pink Mi Note was released, it’s a version for ladies. Meanwhite, other news products like Redmi 2A, Xiaomi 55inchesTV and other new smart 3C products. They announced that these new products would be on sale at “Xiaomi Festival day” on April 8th.

Xiaomi Pink Mi Note Xiaomi Pink Mi Note 22298_1201443_432900 Xiaomi Pink Mi Note

The called “NSSJ” is the new smartphone Xiaomi Pink Mi Note which specialized making for ladies. From the pictures, we can see its appearance consistent with the regular version, but with a full pink color design and customized the pink theme interface, as well as packaging and accessories. Just ike its name suggests, it is said this particular phone is released to please the company’s female fans in China.

Any difference between Xiaomi Mi Note?

Acctually, the Xiaomi Pink Mi Note version on the hardware configuration are the same as Xiaomi Mi Note 16GB version, but the price is increased to 2499RMB(405$), it would be available on sale on April 8th for the first quantity 20,000pcs. What’s more, it is reported that they will donate 50RMB, in total 1,000,000RMB to support the Pink Bazaar charity funds ribbon program. If this is the reason of price being increased for this ladies version? Maybe yes or no, but the true price is already released.

So are you the one fans of Xiaomi? How do you think about this Xiaomi Pink Mi Note for ladies? You really like this smartphone or just like the series of pink design? Let’s give comments as below!:)



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