Xiaomi redmi new model could have MT6795/Helio X10?


As chinese news reported that International Electronic Business Sun Changxu, principal analyst, says that the Redmi series might return to the embrace of MediaTek, the latest generation of mobile phones who use for xiaomi Redmi new model will be MediaTek chips, and may MTK flagship product is –helio X10 / MT6795 eight core 64 LTE processor.

xiaomi redmi

Consistent with saying that – early broke the news of people upleaks had tweeted PO to a number of new information about the code of Xiaomi H3Y, this new device will be in the new debut as Redmi new model, perhaps Redmi NOTE2 generations, and which are known to Base Specification attractive. The new device could be equipped with eight-core MT6795 processor, with 5.5 inches 1080P screen and 5 million and 13 million pixel camera and Android 5.0 custom MIUI V6, and will use the newly popular USB Type- C interface!

xiaomi redmi new model

It is worth mentioning that, once huge Redmi shipments make MediaTek feel both happy and sorrow, the coming of the new Redmi NOTE likely as generally Letv 1, once again for the flagship phones Helio X10 / MT6795 pulled $240 level.

However, all of this is not confirmed at the moment, let’s waiting for more information.

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