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Xiaomi is a company created in 2010 for the least unusual. While focusing on a marketing based on social networks and on one of the most unique sales system, Xiaomi has managed to quickly get a place among the world's leading manufacturers of smartphones.

Between December 2014 and September 2015, Xiaomi was the company with the best beginning all over the world !

The firm was the fifth worldwide smartphones maker in 2014, thanks to its three ranges of smartphones, developed in 2015 : 

  • Range of smartphones Xiaomi named « Mi ». Those are the top of the range 

  • The basic models named « RedMi » and the last of this range called « Xiaomi Redmi note 4 »

One of the most notable features on the overcoat Xiaomi is used in smartphones and tablets. MIUI baptized, the overlay of Android is a complete remodeling of the Google operating system.


With the development of the digital technology, Chinese companies made a remarkable entrance in the world of intelligent mobile telephony. Among big well known brands, Xiaomi is famous for its new generation smartphones ranges under MIUI operating system based on Android. 

« MI » range highlighted 

Xiaomi is a private firm well known for its smartphones’ developing and sale. It charmed consumers with its operating system Android-MIUI for smartphones and tablets. 

The brand offers three intelligent smartphones ranges, from basic models named « RedMI » to top of the range models named « Mi ». This last range is clearly highlighted and it contains flagship models, like the Mi Max, the last smartphone the brand developed, launched in mai 2016. This smartphone gets a 6.44 inch touchscreen with an internal memory of 32 GB which can go to 128GB with a microSD card. This smartphone gets the dual sim function and is compatible with Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G networks. Its 16 megapixels camera gets really good quality photo.It enables instantaneous capture so you can capture the moment quickly. 

From Android tablets to Phablets 

Xiaomi is well known for its performing and strong smartphones. However, the brand also makes Android tablets names « MiPad ». They got a touchscreen and works with OS Android. The brand continues where she is the best, by proposing refined design with all basic features available on that kind of device. 

Xiaomi all offers a phablet range. It means tablets with telephony functions : « Mi Note » and « Mi Note Pro » which are the top of the range products, but also basic models such as « RedMi Note ». 

The brand also offers accessories such connected bracelets, headphones, earphones… 

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